DHT Blocker Pills

DHT Blocker Pills - Could this be a cure for DHT Hair Loss?

It is no secret that DHT is the cause of most hair loss problems in the world. In fact, more than ninety five percent of hair loss cases in males is attributed to DHT over activity in the hair follicles. The DHT hair loss in men is often an inherited condition from your parents, though it is more common from your mother's side of the family. In any case there seems to be some ray of hope in the form of DHT blocker pills that have started making noise in the DHT Hair loss market.

Understanding DHT

Let us understand what DHT is and how it affects hair loss in men and women. DHT is a byproduct of testosterone, a predominantly male hormone present in both men and women. When testosterone comes in contact with an enzyme, known as "5 alpha-reductase," Dihydrotestosterone is produced, or DHT as it is known. The more DHT you have in your body, the more likely you are to suffer from excessive amounts of hair loss. It's that simple.

This potent hormone - DHT - may be the cause of most hair loss, but it can also be cured, when it is blocked by DHT blocker pills that are sold over the counter.

Over the counter DHT Blocker Pills

By taking DHT blocker pills, you could stop male pattern of baldness brought on by the presence of this hormone. DHT binds itself to the receptor cells of the hair follicles and thus starve the follicles, which cannot receive the blood and nutrients necessary for proper hair growth. DHT blocker pills prevent the DHT from forming by preventing the reactions of 5 alpha-reductase and testosterone from taking place, which eventually prevents them from destroying your hair.

Three of the most popular DHT blocker pills are Hairgenesis, Procerin and avacor. Though mostly available in pill form, these DHT blockers can also be purchased in shampoo forms.

Either way, the DHT blocker pills not only stop the formation of DHT in the blood but also have the properties to stimulate the new growth of hair as well.

For information on one of the best DHT blockers available, visit for more information on the effects of this DHT blocker and how you can benefit from using Procerin every day. Procerin's website also has comprehensive information about DHT and all related problems caused by this very potent hormone.

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