Dihydrotestosterone Causes Hair Loss

Hair loss is a dirty word and an unwanted elephant in the room. Confidence of having a full head of hair is priceless. The condition of male pattern baldness affects at least 50 million men in the U.S. alone. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a major culprit in that hair loss.

The most common cause of balding is a natural inheritance by some mixture of genetics, hormone levels and just plain getting older. Losing hair is most often the result of DHT reacting to genetically susceptible scalp hair follicles that cause them to become smaller and disappear. Baldness can appear as early as the teenage years.

A problem that can diminish self-esteem, confidence and over-all morale, hair loss is one of the most embarrassing and frustrating problems that can happen to an individual. Complete loss or thinning is simply unacceptable among most men; no one wants to be abducted into the unpopular baldness club.

The mental setback from early onset is very common, as well as depression. Most people experience an emotional shock when they first discover their hair thinning. Denial is the first response to the initial thinning. This condition of losing hair is quickly blamed on DHT, but there can be several other causes.

Thyroid, scalp infections, such as ring worm, skin disorders, tight pulling of the hair, fever or medications, hats, nerves and a few other things can contribute. That said, DHT and losing hair go hand in hand. It stands to reason that millions upon millions are being spent on remedies for hair loss prevention.

Hair loss as a result of DHT happens when the new hair is kept from growing and it actually is clogging the hair follicle. As men get older they produce less testosterone and the body turns it into DHT, which is a steroid. A common culprit is 5 Alpha Reductase (5AR). 5AR is two enzymes, type 1 and 2. This can cause prostate cancer for men with a number of unwanted side-effects. As a body ages, a number of changes will become more prevalent.

It has been said that hair loss prevention could be successful by a diet change. Pumpkin seeds contain high levels of phytosterols, and betasitosterol has been known to block the possibilities of DHT causing hair loss by blocking the enzyme 5AR. Green tea is suggested as especially effective as well. Massages are advised as well, and the latest trend is stem cell hair restoration. Whatever the avenue, for most people the best way to combat their hair loss is to combat the formation of DHT. Studies have proven that certain natural hair regrowth solutions, such as Procerin for Men, can not only slow hair thinning, but reverse hair loss.

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