DHT Hair Loss

DHT Related Hair Loss

DHT hair loss is a problem that affects both men and women. DHT is an abbreviation for Dihydrotestosterone and is actually a direct product of testosterone when it comes in contact with the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase that is found abundantly in the scalp and the skin. The cause of DHT hair loss is the DHT binding to the receptor sites on the scalp and hair follicles. This disrupts the normal hair development in the follicle by blocking the blood flow and nutrients that are delivered to the hair in the blood. This leads to the hair follicle growing weaker and producing thinner hair until finally there is no more hair at all.

In other words, DHT hair loss occurs when DHT takes over the receptor cells - the cells on the hair follicles that the DHT binds itself to and then sends false signals to the healthy functioning cells that are responsible for proper growth of hair.

Where does this hair loss occur?

The temporal area is generally the first area for DHT hair loss in men. The second place to experience hair loss is the crown of the head, and then the top of the scalp. The reason for the hair loss in these areas is the concentration of sweat glands that carry DHT to these areas en masse.

DHT hair loss in women occurs very slowly, and their hair generally tends to thin in a diffused manner. Still, women often suffer from the same type of DHT hair loss as men.

Blocking the culprit - DHT

There are many measures one can take to stop DHT hair loss. The best way is to block DHT in the first place. There are many natural DHT blockers in the market, some of which boast stopping DHT hair loss within a weak. These are products that include ingredients such as green tea, pumpkin seed oil, stinging nettles and pygeum. Pumpkin seed oil has been proven to inhibit the formation of DHT by inhibiting the effects of the 5 alpha-reductase enzyme by breaking down DHT activity in the liver.

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