Do DHT Blockers Work?

What You Need to Know About DHT Blockers?

When you begin looking for a hair loss treatment, you will no doubt come across a great deal of contradictory information. Each product that professes to prevent hair loss has its proponents. Their approaches are each a little different, but they all claim to be the best. One popular type of hair loss treatment involves the use of DHT blockers to turn the tide against progressing baldness. Do DHT blockers work? The only way to answer this question is for you to educate yourself as to the root causes of hair loss and what DHT actually is.

The Truth About DHT

DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is a compound that forms when the male hormone testosterone comes into contact with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. The by-product of this interaction is DHT which, once it forms, bonds to the hair follicles in your scalp and makes it progressively more difficult for them to continue their normal cycle of growth.

An overabundance of DHT in the scalp results in a condition called androgenetic alopecia which is the leading cause of male hair loss. By working to prevent the formation of DHT from the outset, DHT blockers attack the root cause of hair loss. Once DHT is eliminated from your scalp, your hair follicles are free to grow naturally.

Types of DHT Blockers

You still may be wondering "do DHT blockers work?" In fact they do, and there are several products available that work to block the production of DHT at different stages of the process. The track records of these products indicate that they have been shown to get great results for many people, but there are some other differences that you should take into consideration before you decide which one to buy.

DHT blockers come in both the chemical and herbal varieties. While both of these have been shown to successfully help men to re-grow their hair, the differences in their composition mean that you should take a closer look before you choose one over another.

You may be skeptical of herbal remedies, but because herbal DHT blockers act in the same way to stop the production of DHT as their chemical counterparts, they can be every bit as effective. Once you know the answer to the question "do DHT blockers work?" you will know that the herbal treatments work as well as the chemical ones.

One great herbal DHT blocker on the market today is Procerin. This all natural product has given many men the new hair growth that they have been searching for and may very well be the right treatment for you. After you try this great product, you will never have to wonder again "do DHT blockers work?"

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