Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - The culprit behind hair loss

Dihydrotestosterone, also known as "DHT", is an incredibly potent hormone in the human body. DHT is caused by the effects of a particular enzyme, 5-alpha-reductase (5AR) reacting with the male hormone testosterone. While testosterone itself does not cause hair loss, in its mutated DHT form it attacks susceptible hair follicles in men, causing them to shrink and fall out. Genetics plays a role both in levels of DHT present in the scalp, and how susceptible (and thus how early hair loss occurs) a man's hair is to DHT related hair loss.

What can you do?

If Dihydrotestosterone is causing you hair loss problems, you can look to a dihydrotestosterone inhibiting agent, like Procerin ( Procerin is a safe, all natural DHT inhibitor, designed to block to formation of Dihydrotestosterone so that hair can being growing again safely and easily. Formulations like Procerin work to both block the transformation of testosterone into DHT, as well as reduce its ability to bind to androgen receptors in the hair follicles.

Synthetic hair loss products, like those medications created in a lab, do more than just stop the formation of dihydrotestosterone, they also cause your body to begin producing less testosterone itself. This can be dangerous and hazardous to your health, as testosterone is one of the most important hormones in order to maintain optimal health and wellness. Medications for hair loss that can interact directly with testosterone should be used only as a last resort, as they can cause serious side effects.

But Procerin is different. It uses natural ingredients to Inhibit Dihydrotestosterone creation, while not affecting either the levels or the function of testosterone. By blocking the mutation into DHT rather than affecting production of this important hormone, you can reverse hair loss without suffering negative side effects.

Who is this most effective for?

The group that sees the most positive results from using DHT blockers like Procerin are those men that still have hair growth (ie, not mean whose hair is not completely gone), but are experiencing noticeable hair loss. In these cases, dihydrotestosterone inhibitors can not only save and strengthen your hair, but also help your hair re-grow.

For anyone looking to gain back the self confidence they lost when they lost their hair due to excessive DHT, consider a DHT inhibitor like Procerin. Procerin is made from all natural ingredients, and has helped thousands of men regain their confidence and their lost hairline.

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